Peter King: Bills Could Draft Josh Downs in 2023 NFL Draft

Peter King Predicts Buffalo Bills May Select Josh Downs in 2023 NFL Draft

Peter King, an experienced insider in the National Football League (NFL), has made a prediction about the Buffalo Bills’ selection in the 2023 NFL draft. King believes that the Bills might choose a player named Josh Downs in the first round, even if other highly-rated players are still available.

Bills May Have a Strong Interest in Downs

King’s prediction is based on his belief that the Bills have a strong interest in Downs, who is considered a borderline first-round talent. Downs is a slot receiver.

which means he plays in a different part of the field than other highly-rated players like Jalin Hyatt or Quentin Johnston. Despite this, King thinks the Bills may select Downs instead of those other players because of their interest in him.

Mock Drafts Are Not Always Accurate

It is important to note that mock drafts and predictions are not always accurate. Teams may have different priorities and evaluations of players than analysts and insiders. Even so, King’s prediction has generated interest among football fans and experts, who are eager to see how the draft will unfold.

The draft is a significant event for football teams because it allows them to pick the best new players for their team. The Bills will need to think carefully about who to choose and which player will best fit their needs.

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