NFL's Joe Burrow Joins Other Stars at UFC 287 in Miami

NFL stars attend UFC 287 event in Miami

Over the weekend, Joe Burrow, who plays as the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, attended the major UFC 287 event that took place in Miami, Florida.

He was not alone, as he was joined by other notable NFL stars such as Justin Jefferson and Odell Beckham Jr., along with fellow Bengals player, Sam Hubbard.

Israel Adesanya makes thrilling comeback to win Middleweight title

The main event of the night was an exciting one, as Israel Adesanya made a thrilling comeback in the second round to defeat Alex Pereira and win the Middleweight title. Despite looking like he was going to lose earlier in the fight, Adesanya managed to deliver a knockout blow to secure the win.

Burrow and the other players in attendance were featured in various media coverage of the event. It seems that the NFL players enjoyed their night watching the exciting fights that took place at UFC 287.

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