Browns Drop Kareem Hunt Due to Performance Decline

Kareem Hunt’s Departure from Cleveland Browns

Kareem Hunt, a former football player for the Cleveland Browns, won’t be returning to the team for the 2023 NFL season. The Browns decided not to bring him back for a sad reason: they believed he was slipping in terms of his speed and performance. Although Hunt had played in 49 games for the Browns, he only started in nine of them.

Declining Performance and its Consequences

Hunt was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 but was cut due to off-the-field problems. The Browns decided to give him a second chance and signed him in 2019, hoping that he would be a solid running back and work well with their starter, Nick Chubb. However, Hunt’s time in Cleveland came to an end due to his declining performance.

Browns Plan to Build a Competitive Roster

The Browns plan to build a competitive team for the upcoming season, and they believe that giving Jerome Ford an opportunity to back up Chubb is the way to go. As of now, there are no rumors about possible landing spots for Hunt, and he will have to work hard during the offseason to prove the Browns wrong.

Uncertainty about Kareem Hunt’s Future

Hunt’s situation highlights the importance of staying focused and maintaining a high level of performance in professional sports. While it is disappointing to see a talented player like Hunt leave a team, it is crucial for teams to make decisions that will benefit their overall performance and success. The Browns have made a tough decision, but it may be the right one for their future success.


The Browns’ decision not to bring back Kareem Hunt for the 2023 NFL season due to declining performance is a sad development, but the team is focused on building a competitive roster. Hunt’s departure highlights the importance of maintaining high performance in professional sports and the tough decisions that teams sometimes have to make.

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