Antonio Brown's Changed Perspective as Team Owner

Antonio Brown’s Troubled Past in the NFL

Antonio Brown, a former NFL wide receiver known for his controversial behavior, has recently become a part owner of the National Arena League’s Albany Empire. In a tweet on Saturday night, Brown stated that as an owner, he now understands the importance of making everyone know that no one is bigger than the team, even though he previously held the opposite belief as a player.

Change in Perspective as a Team Owner

During his 12-year NFL career, Brown was known for his self-interest, vanity, and narcissism. He won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in 2020, but his career ended the following year when he left the field during a game with the Jets. This was the final strike in a tumultuous four years for the All-Pro wide receiver.

Importance of Teamwork and Putting the Team First

Brown’s bizarre behavior began to surface in 2018 when he quit on the Steelers in Week 17 with a playoff spot still up for grabs. He was then traded to the Raiders, but his tenure with the team was short-lived due to disagreements with the coaching staff. Brown then joined the Patriots, but he was released after being accused of sexual assault and rape by his former trainer.

The Albany Empire: A New Chapter for Antonio Brown and His Father

Despite his troubled past, Brown is looking to start a new chapter as a part owner of the Albany Empire. His father, Eddie Brown, also joined the organization as the vice president of football operations and will be involved in the team’s day-to-day operations.


Antonio Brown’s tweet about the importance of teamwork and putting the team first as a team owner of the Albany Empire marks a significant change from his past behavior as an NFL player. Despite his controversial past, Brown hopes to start a new chapter and contribute positively to the Albany Empire’s success.

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